How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking – 5 Simple Tips

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How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking – 5 Simple Tips

How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking.


“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”

– Lao Tzu

In the name of public speaking, a lot of people get scared because it is a very common thing, and to reduce this fear, you have to overcome these fears.

Everyone feels the fear of public speaking and almost all people have felt this fear at some time or the other.

Now whether you have experienced this fear during school, college, or any interview time.

If you are afraid of public speaking, this is totally normal because when you go to public speaking for the first time, you do not experience these things.

But as you continue to do public speaking again and again then your fear of public speaking also reduces.

Many people avoid public speaking due to fear because they have experienced the fear of public speaking in the past.

Most people do public speaking once and due to this fear, their last public speaking becomes.

Now first of all we must understand why there is a fear of public speaking and when you understand it, then you will be able to overcome their fear.

Whenever we are going to do some work for the first time, we are afraid because that work is completely new to us and we do not have any experience.

In the same way, we feel in public speaking, we feel scared and due to this fear, our hands and feet start shaking and become a quavering voice.

But with practice and preparation, you can overcome nervousness or fear of public speaking and become a great public speaker.

1.Build your confidence

For public speaking, first, you have to build up the confidence level.

Because when there is no confidence in you, you will never be able to do public speaking and if there is a slight problem arise, then you will leave this forever.

It is very important to build up your confidence to start public speaking or any other work, without the confidence you cannot succeed anywhere.

Before taking public speaking, you have to bring confidence in yourself and you have to speak to yourself that I can do this job well and I am not afraid of this work at all.

As soon as you start speaking to yourself like this Your confidence starts increasing gradually.

If you build up confidence, then you can solve any problem, if you do not have confidence, then you will get nervous when you face any problem and will give up what you are working on.

Having confidence in yourself makes you 50% successful in any work. Therefore, by developing confidence in yourself, you can the overcome fear of public speaking.

2.Do full preparations

When you develop confidence in yourself, after that we have to make complete preparations.

If you do public speaking about any topic or whatever, then you will first have to know that topic very well, then you have to understand it well.

When you understand the topic well, then it becomes easier for you to prepare.

Preparation for any new topic is a bit difficult because you do not know much related to that topic.

But when you research that topic, then you start getting ideas about that topic and when you understand all these things very well, then it becomes easier to prepare on that topic.

First, you can practice by writing that topic, and then you can prepare that topic very well by speaking. By doing this you can easily overcome a fear of public speaking.

3.Practice as much as you can

When you prepare your topic well, then you have to practice more and more on that topic.

When you prepare your subject well, you have to practice more and more on that subject.

practice is very important to overcome the fear of public speaking because when you practice, your confidence will increase.

Which also helps you to eliminate the fear of public speaking. The more you practice, the better your speaking skills will become.

##Now, let’s talk about how to practice public speaking?

We can practice it in many ways, but you can best practice it in the following ways.

A. First of all, the topic from which you have prepared related content, you can practice it by writing it repeatedly and remember it by making a summary of it.

B. The topic that you have practiced by writing, now you have to practice by speaking, because when you practice speaking something, then you are listening to your words, so that in your mind, a picture related to those things becomes a picture that you can practice It is very easy.

C. When you can practice by writing and speaking, now you can record your practice in front of the mirror and mobile, by looking at your preparations and you can see how your practice has been done.

4.Take a deep breathing

If you do deep breathing for some time before public speaking, then you will feel peace and relaxed which will make your speech better.

Whenever you go for public speaking, then there is nervousness and fear, due to which your public speaking becomes bad and your confidence is also reduced.

Therefore, you should take some deep breaths before public speaking so that you can feel calm and you will not feel nervous and fear when you are speaking.

If you want better results, then you should do deep breathing or meditation every day for some time so that your mind can remain calm and relaxed in any situation.

You can overcome your fear of public speaking by using this technique.

5.Used affirmations techniques

Affirmation is a technique that you follow for a few days, then amazing energy comes out from inside you which helps you to achieve any of your goals.

We can overcome our fear of public speaking using these techniques.

For this, you will have to do affirmation with regular and patience so that you will be able to take full advantage.

The best time for affirmation is before bedtime, but you can do it even after getting up in the morning.

You only have to use positive words in affirmation because it is stored in your subconscious mind, and these words gradually start joining your habits.

If you keep filling the negative things in your mind throughout the day or if you keep looking at the negative things, then your subconscious mind also becomes negative due to which your habits and behavior also become negative.

Therefore, you should store only those things which are important to you in your mind and should only take positive things.

## To overcome the fear of public speaking, you can use the affirmation given below.

A. I am a great public speaker.

B. I live in confidence at the time of public speaking.

C. I am not afraid of public speaking at all.

D. I am very excited about public speaking.

E. My public speaking and communication skills are very good.

You have to take care of the matter when whatever you are saying at the time of affirmation, you have to feel that you have all those things already in me.

If you do this regularly for a few days, then you can overcome the fear of your public speaking in a few days.

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